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Placing Employees First

As an extension of your Human Resource team, Alltrust Insurance’s Employee Advocacy Specialists guide you and your employees through the complexities associated with healthcare. You can find peace of mind knowing you have a partner you can trust with any questions or concerns regarding group healthcare benefits.

Alltrust is with You Every Step of the Way

Alltrust’s Employee Advocacy Specialists support your company every step of the way to provide the best experience possible, and to advocate for you and on behalf of your employees. Alltrust Insurance not only cares about your team, but also becomes part of your team.

By having experienced Employee Advocacy Specialists on your team through Alltrust, you can feel confident knowing your employees are fully supported and cared for. Improving employee’s experiences result in a more productive, loyal and revenue-generating workforce. If you want to work with a team that truly understands the value of employee experiences and has unparalleled expertise in the human resources industry, then that company is Alltrust.

What We Do On A Daily Basis:

“We put ourselves in the shoes of the individual who needs assistance. If it is an HR professional, we work efficiently and promptly to make their lives easier. We are trained to ask the questions that the individual may not think of asking in hopes to be proactive and exceed their expectations. If it is a member (employee or family member), we think about how the situation may be affecting their family and do our best to help them remain calm. Our goal is to get everyone the help they need as quickly as possible and to make an uncomfortable situation bearable. We remain focused on fixing the issue while providing a pleasant experience.”


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