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Communication and Education Improve Employee Engagement

While employee benefit packages are a determining factor in employee satisfaction, the level of communication and education regarding employee benefits are a key component to the success of your benefits strategy. When employees understand their benefits, they value and appreciate them more.

Alltrust provides resources to help your employees make informed healthcare decisions. As an Alltrust client, you will have direct access to a designated Benefits Communication Specialist, whose focus is to educate and communicate your health-plan benefits to your employees in person or virtually through various informational materials and educational resources.

Improving employee engagement starts with better communication and education.

From comprehensive, well-structured open enrollment meetings to presentations throughout the year, Alltrust educates employees on available resources and offers the opportunity for employees to ask questions during each session. Alltrust also allows employees to run scenarios through decision-making software and receive recommendations on which benefit plans best fit their needs. Customized benefit brochures are always available, in both electronic and print form.

“45% of Employees say HR Departments lack Communication as it relates to employee benefits.”

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Training Courses For Your Employees

Education and communication has a direct impact on benefit engagement and long-term employee sustainability. Alltrust makes sure your employees understand the plan offerings and how to maximize their benefits. In addition to employee meetings and presentations, Alltrust also provides Mineral, formally Think HR, which is an online HR training platform including unlimited access to self-paced training with over 200 on-demand employee training courses and videos. These videos courses incorporate a test at the end of each training session and include certificates demonstrating completion that can be printed or emailed.

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