HR Benefits Technology Solutions and Support


Manage Employee Benefits and Human Resources from One Place

Through a consultative approach for providing solutions and support, Alltrust Insurance works towards understanding your company’s needs and matches your requirements with customized HRIS or HCM technologies.

Alltrust provides proprietary HR Benefits Technology solutions and can build custom benefits administration systems for our clients. Alltrust understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system and will work with you, the vendors and the technology of your choice to help your operations run smoothly.

Alltrust’s HR Benefits Technology solutions and custom benefit administration systems can assist with the following:

Our Approach Is Different

While other insurance firms focus primarily on benefit administration, Alltrust focuses on your entire HCM Ecosystem. This includes any tool you use to attract talent, manage your group’s population, and optimize HR responsibilities.

Here Are A Few Of Our Technology Partners:

Carli Meyer

Executive VP, HR Tech Consulting at iBTR

Carli serves as the Executive, Vice President of HR Tech Consulting at iBTR. She and her team equip HR professionals for digital HR work by providing superior service and expertise for the Human Capital Management (HCM) Ecosystem.


Today, iBTR brings the strengths of three founding companies together to work for you. We’re here to elevate the day-to-day experience of every employee and HR practitioner with unmatched service excellence.