Reduce Financial Risk through Cost Management


Strategies for Risk Mitigation and Controlling Costs

Everybody knows that it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely. We can, however, agree that some risk can be mitigated with thorough research, analysis, and data-driven strategies. Financial risks are continually evolving, so we partner with our clients to provide proven strategies for risk mitigation, risk-management and cost-containment solutions. People-related risks can be just as detrimental to an organization as financial risks; therefore we offer HR consulting to elevate your human resources department to the next level.

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Meet Austin Brooks

Director Of Pricing And Analytics

As Director of Pricing and Analytics for Alltrust, Austin works with clients to make the best use of their benefit dollars from a cost and risk perspective.

Alltrust reduces risk through:

In-depth review of claims on employer funded (self-funded and fully insured) medical plans for payment accuracy, pricing, and discounts; high cost claimant review and predictive analytics through our NavigatorMD system.

Provide risk analysis with retrospective, prospective, and actuarial risk scoring to give maximum insight in to plan performance to help clients budget for their potential exposures and future costs.

Which includes consulting services on cost containment programs like prescription drug carve-outs, direct contracting, reference-based pricing, dialysis re-pricing, and stop-loss captives.

Help clients understand their renewals, compare against market offerings, and leverage Alltrust relationships to benefit employer groups.

Understand Your Cost Drivers Through Analytics

With healthcare costs on the rise, Alltrust provides access to industry-leading benchmarking, claims analytics, and predictive modeling through several strategic partnerships like CodeSixFour, NavigatorMD, and more. We utilize tools which offer benchmarking for Life, Disability, Absence Management and Stop-Loss or Reinsurance. Alltrust also creates benchmarking reports that cover plan design, overall value of benefits provided, and contribution strategy.

Alltrust's Trusted Analytics Tools:

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