We Love Hearing From You!

“Our group has presented some challenges in the past, with high claims, a mature population of employees, etc. Alltrust has always gone above and beyond to find the best, most cost effective coverage…without the employees having to sacrifice their level of coverage.”

Christine Sharpley
Human Resources Generalist

“As a small business, I was a bit nervous when first taking over the responsibilities of health insurance, yet the Alltrust team made it your mission to help. I feel very fortunate to have Alltrust Insurance to assist me and our employees. With Alltrust, no question is too big or too small, and knowing that any of our employees may reach out to you at any time with issues, questions, or concerns, is why I hold Alltrust and your team in the highest regard as for as customer service goes. Whether by phone or e-mail, they provide the information, assistance, and answers in a prompt courteous manner.”

Maria L. M. Donahue
Financial Manager

“Tidewell Hospice, a Stratum Health System company, values its relationship with Alltrust to provide an innovative, competitive and results-oriented health and wellness plan for its workforce.”

Jonathan Fleece
President and Chief Executive Officer

“We appreciate Alltrust and the support for the Quest mission. We value our relationship with our broker not only because of the support of Quest and the link to Alltrust, but also for the care and counsel regarding our health and wellness plans and programs. We know and trust The Alltrust team, as well as, and know they are looking out for us and seeking the optimal situation for Quest and our staff.”

john R. Gill
President and Chief Executive Officer

“Alltrust is an excellent employee benefits broker – top notch; but that’s not what sets them apart. Alltrust takes the time to understand our mission “to ensure that no one has to go through crisis alone”. They understand the services we offer and serve as Crisis Center ambassadors in the community to increase awareness. They spend the time to get to know our staff, and work to ensure staff know and trust them as a resource. They’re proud to work with us, and us with them. We collectively focus on people to enrich the lives of others. We’re not simply a “client”, and they’re not just a “vendor”. I think of Alltrust as part of our Crisis Center team!”

Kate Androff
VP of Talent Management

Excellent customer service. Quick response. We have worked with Alltrust for over 15 years! Wonderful staff, helpful in every way. Carla, Corey and Michelle are always available when we need them for our benefits and HR needs and/or questions. Alltrust is the best of the best!

Jackie C

I cannot say how grateful I am to have come across a wonderful company who truly cares for their clients and goes over and beyond to assist them. It has been a great pleasure to work with Adam, Carla and most recently Kelly. They also have a great support team that backs them up and makes things happen. Alltrust has also made my life easier with the great HR support services they offer, especially for us that are a one woman show. I look forward to doing business with them for many years. Here at Lead, we are blessed to have them on our side.

HR and Benefits Coordinator

The team at Alltrust are absolutely best-in-class, not only regarding their knowledge of the health insurance industry, but also in their exceptional customer service. Our company recently rolled out health insurance benefits for the first time to our employees, and even though this was unchartered territory for us, the entire Alltrust team could not have been any more helpful or made the process any smoother. Special recognition to Tina, Shaun, and Corey, who were always ready and willing to assist, especially with the heavy volume of questions we threw their way!

Aaron Allison

I have worked with multiple people at Alltrust and each one has been polite, helpful and responsive. They have solved issues for me and several co-workers with our insurance company and our gap policy. They have responded quickly when I called from out of town, standing at a pharmacy, and helped me recover money from the insurance company when I had to pay up front while traveling. For our annual corporate insurance policy renewal they patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions and educated me on various topics and made sound recommendations. Their service is top notch and professional, even when dealing with frustrating insurance company beureacratic limitations. Alltrust knows how to get responses from the insurance companies and I am happy to be able to call on them and get answers and explanations instead of being passed around or on hold forever with an insurance company in who knows what location. I am happy to recommend Alltrust!

Laura Bekesh

As a person in Human Resource management, having support is a MUST! Having AllTrust as a resource has been an absolute pleasure. Shaun, Samantha, and Dan are the HR support dream team! Their list of support starts with helping the company make decisions about the benefits we should offer employees and extends beyond first-hand service of helping our employees (for a 500 employee company) enroll themselves in benefits or make claims. They also offer expert support in HR regarding situations large or small, they do not disappoint! If you are not partnered with AllTrust you are making a mistake! We love them :). To be honest I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even know what they specialize in because they do EVERYTHING! This is a true team who works together to provide incredible service to their clients!

Aaron Allison