Retaining Employees Amid the “Quick Quitting” Trend

A recent study found that 51 percent of HR professionals are concerned about quiet quitting. It refers to the practice many workers are adapting at their workplaces. Quiet quitting is the practice of doing the bare minimum at work. However, there’s a new trend that’s emerging that’s known as quick quitting. This refers to when workers quit their jobs before hitting the one-year mark.

The History of Quick Quitting

Employers began noticing a trend of quick quitting in 2021. It was a period where local economies were beginning to show signs of improvement following COVID-19 lockdowns which shuttered many businesses. The trend peaked in March 2022 which led researchers to believe that people are becoming more comfortable with quick quitting.

Data shows that individuals will start a new job, learn as much as they can, network, and move to other roles at different companies. Employees continue to do this, especially as they are offered greater salaries with each new role they accept. It also helps them by building a larger network circle and strengthens their skillset.

Before, people were likely encouraged to stay at a job for at least a year or two to prove they could be loyal to a company. Most individuals would not want to have a job experience on their resume that was less than a year. It could be something that would make hiring managers nervous to interview a potential candidate. Now, it appears that the thought process concerning job hopping is changing.

What Industries are Being Impacted by Quick Quitting?

Some industries are seeing more signs of quick quitting than others. The list below references industries and their short-tenure rates for August 2022. Short tenure rate references people being in a position for less than a year.

• Technology, information, and media: 10.48%

• Administrative and support service: 8.87%

• Financial services: 5.62%

• Professional services: 4.49%

• Transportation, logistics, supply chain, and storage: 4.15%

• Manufacturing: 1.23%

• Construction: -1.12%

• Retail: -4.92%

• Hospitals and health care: -4.94%

Tips to Prevent Quick Quitting

Job Description – Let workers know exactly what will be required of them when they accept the position with the company.

Development Opportunities – Creating learning and development opportunities for employees is a way to keep employees engaged and motivated. It can help make employees want to do their best at their jobs.

Management Style – Good management strategies are essential to employee productivity and happiness. Managers should consider allowing employees to give feedback on their management style so they can make improvements.

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